Rimfrost Produksjoner

Utvik Senior

by Nina Wester, etter idé av Rimfrost produksjoner

On the night of February 1978, the fishing boat Utvik Senior was lost with a crew of 9 men onboard.

No one saw anything.

No one?

No one. 

What happened?

Where do we begin?

We can start with the discovery site that no one could agree on. Or with the wreckage that the fishermen had never seen the likes of. Should we start with the sister who lost her brother, or the father who lost a son? With the commitment that lasted for 26 years, or with the grief that lasted forever? We could start with the Cold War, submarines or illegal shipping? Or, we can start now. Here and now, and ask ourselves why it turned out the way it did and how we can prevent the same thing from happening again.

Rimfrost productions and director and playwright Nina Wester dive into the controversial story of Utvik Senior.  This performance goes through the case by starting with the book “Forlis” (shipwreck) by Alf R. Jacobsen, interviews of relatives and people connected to the shipwrecking.

Utvik Senior is an experience intersecting between true crime, documentary and tragedy, via three actors and a choir. A documentary fiction about a story that should not be forgotten.

The performance is a co-production between Rimfrost produksjoner and Hålogaland Teater, and is made in a collaboration between Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Nordland Teater, Vokal Nord and local choirs.

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd – fri scenekunst teater, Spenn.no, Fond for lyd og bilde, Det norske komponistfond, Fritt ord, Samfunnsløftet, Dramatikkens hus and Ferske Scener.

Utvik Senior



Contributors add

  • PlaywrightNina Wester

  • DirectorNina Wester

  • Composer and sound designBenjamin Mørk

  • Scenography and costume designMari Lotherington

  • Light designØystein Heitmann

  • ActorJonas Delerud

  • ActorAlexander Rindestu

  • ActorKristine Myhre Tunheim

  • PlaywrightKristin Bjørn

  • Morten Kjerstad

  • ProducerSiri Børs-Lind

  • PRMarte Gravem Isaksen

  • Project leaderKristine Myhre Tunheim

  • IdeaAlexander Rindestu

  • Vokal NordBrynjar Onsøien

  • Vokal NordDag Erik Enoksen

  • Vokal NordDaniel O. Daníelsson

  • ChoirPaul Bednorz

  • ChoirTorstein Hevnskjell

  • ChoirAlf-Inge Selstad

  • ChoirØystein Hallem

  • ChoirTord Bergersen

  • ChoirOwe Krolmanis

  • ResearchconsultantGeorg Blichfeldt

  • Support

    Norsk Kulturråd - fri scenekunst teater, Spenn.no, Fond for lyd og bilde, Det norske komponistfond, Fritt ord, Statens Kunsterstipend, Samfunnsløftet, Dramatikkens hus og Ferske Scener.