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Morten 11 Years Old

av Toril Solvang

What connection do post boxes and carousels have with death? Morten 11 Years Old is a true story about how difficult things can also be strange and funny. About postal workers, legos, new friends, strange dreams, and being scared of the unknown.

Morten 11 Years Old




    Premiere 29.juni 2013

    Varighet 55 min

Bidragsytere add

  • PlaywrightToril Solvang

  • DirectorMorten Røsrud og ensemblet

  • ActorAlexander Rindestu

  • ActorKristine Myhre Tunheim

  • ActorJonas Delerud/ Tom-Stian Lenningsvik

  • ScenografLisa Hjalmarson

  • ScenographyBenjamin Mørk

  • Lightning designIsak E. Bjørn

  • Graphic designKine Yvonne Berntsen

  • Producer and photoHanna Solberg Christoffersen

  • PhotoRune Ottarsen

  • PhotoIngun Mæhlum

Steder add

  • SAMSPILLturné 2013 (Premiere i Mefjordvær)

  • Dramatikkens hus

  • Teateret Vårt / Barneteateret Vårt

  • RadVent / Rådstua Teaterhus

  • Propellen festivalen

  • DKS Troms

  • Kultursekken i Møre og Romsdal

  • Markedet for scenekunst

  • Rune Ottarsen in Folkebladet, 02.07.2013

    “Rimfrost kindly and safely take us on a nice journey. They portray the joy of life, the pain, the humour, the quetions and the answers that don’t answer anything. (…) This is a show about how we need to take children seriously, because it costs us so little and gives us so much.”


  • Bjørn Harald Larssen in Nordlys, 04.12.2014

    “Powerful, but beautiful about death. The theatre company has created a knowledgeable, witty, and thoughful performance about death and life, a performance that will be a useful sight for adults as well as children.”


  • Jøran Dehlinski Sivertsen (Nursing student and social worker)

    “I recommend this show to anyone who is able to see it. There was laughing, crying, and a topic that got me thinking about life, and of course, death. Fantastic way to address a difficult topic, and fantastic actors.”

  • From a teacher at Silsand School (Tour with Kultur i Troms)

    “The best show that has ever visited our school. We thought the stage took a long while to set up, but it was worth it. We have never seen anyone use our school gym to as great effect as you did.”

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